Gavin Newsom, Governor of the once-great State of California has determined travel is a non-essential service and ordered most California business closed during his extended - indefinate lock-down. 

While the global pandemic, border closures take a terrible toll, the world has begun to reopen; but not California.

California remains in the tight grip of a politicized pandemic with a Governor exercising political control. 

We've been following travel restrictions, working direct with airlines, hotel and local tour operators and governments for constant updates. They are the experts around the world. None of this matters even as the rest of the world heals, embraces safety protocols for guests and locals alike, operates with reduced capacity.

We have always felt there were actual experts better suited, along with your common sense to make these decisions. Leave it to the EXPERTS to guide you, not Facebook or Social Media opinions, or politicians. Facts DO matter. But not in California.

YOUR SAFETY and SECURITY are key for HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL... Not in California, when arson and rioting become a higher priority than education, where the Governor just signed into law SB145 that first step to legalized sex trafficing and de-criminalizes pedophilia, sex wtih minors so long as no more than a 10 year age difference exists. Yet we remain insignificant; Travel Agency are closed.

Where we once took a large portion of our profits to support local communities where our guests travel, we can no longer provide the "Sustainable Tourism" support we knew was so desperately needed to offset impacts of tourism and growth. Where we were once leaders in "guilt-free" travel, we carry the guilt of having opened our business in California and are now forced to close. Where freedom was once a right, tyranny exists. We were promised it would be temporary but that was a lie. We must relocate to another, less radical state where respect for people and small business still exists.

Feel free to contact us at our personal email with any comments or concerns. 

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