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"Signature Experiences"

Made with Locals ~ Supporting Local Direct Trade

Guilt-free, Authentic, Responsible, Cultural Travel.

Have Fun, Give Back!

Sustainable Tourism

A travel lifestyle that's places responsible decisions on top, yet filled with wonders, emothions and inspiration to leave a positive impact on the earth and its people.

Direct Trade means our staff has worked with each Local guide, property or experience you may select.

Our local guides and partners are truly honored to have you as their guest to share in your experiences.

Getting Around

Our logistics experts get you where you need to be - when you need to be there. We know the routes because we've been there; be it shuttle, private transfer, self-drive car, rafting a tropical rivers or water taxi, we promise getting there will be as much fun as your destination.

From start to finish, your enjoyment, safety and security is our #1 priority.

Find Your Way

Why travel in the pack when your heart tells you unique and exclusive; in touch with the land, nature and its people all the while supporting Responsible Tourism and Local Communities.

Vida is different by design; we work alongside you and curated suppliers to design & refine your vision of a perfect trip; not ours.


Concierge Services

Our Concierge Services can enhance your in-country experiences. From Meet & Greet on arrival to a local's review your plans in detail with up to the minute tips on whats happening.

Perhaps you may prefer a private guide during your stay; like family, only more fun and educational!



We're fond of blue waters, oceans, rivers and cenotes, local cultures and off the beaten path locations. A blend of traditional and locally sourced Signature Experiences.