Getting Around

Our logistics experts make sure you get where you want to be - when you need to be there. We know how to get you from place to place because we've been there and done it. Be it shuttle, private transfer, self-drive car, rafting tropical whitewater rivers, water taxi; we promise the journey will be as much fun as your destinations.

How you get there is as important as where you're going!

Beyond Meet & Greet

Take our Concierge Service at your option. We Meet & Greet on arrival to welcome you and review your plans in detail while including local transfers and up to the minute tips. Perhaps you prefer one of our private guides during part or all of your stay; like family only more fun!

We're already steps ahead making sure everything goes as planned and always available 24/7. From start to finish, your enjoyment, safety and security is our priority.

You only need to focus on having the time of your life!

Find Your Way

Why travel in the pack like a tourist when you heart's desire is to be part of something more unique and exclusive; In touch with the land, nature and its people while supporting Sustainable Tourism.

Your trip planning will be different by design; we work alongside you to design & refine your vision of your perfect trip; not ours. We don't ask you to choose from a brochure because we don't use them and better yet, you don't need to pay for them. What's good or sustainable about seasonal brochures in a landfill?

Together we make it happen for less.


Sustainable Tourism

lifestyle, a feeling, it's the inspiration and empowerment to travel without leaving a mark on the land.

Our local guides and partners are truly honored to have you as their guest and share how important you are to Sustainable Local Tourism; working direct with locals means your travel dollars leave a lasting and positive impact on the communities you visit.

Yes, you can have fun and do good!



Costa Rica, home of Pura Vida, where Vida Travel was awarded "Amigo de Costa Rica" by Costa Rica's Minister of Tourism. We're admittedly biased but recognize there are other amazing places where our expertise can take you such as;



  • Sansa, InterJet, Volaris
  • Cross Border Express