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Beach 2 Beach and Border 2 Border, our newest collection of  three day add-ons designed to give you exceptional experiences at a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with visiting multiple destinations.  

Sample both of Costa Rica's amazing oceans; start with the Pacific's world-famous beaches and mountain areas with spectacular sunsets, then slide into sunrise on the Caribbean coast with its reggae-vibe. No ordinary trip, no ordinary slide either; it's long on adventure and short on transit because we let mother nature and gravity propel you from San Jose to Tortuguero National Park and Caribbean beaches by whitewater raft, sliding through the rapids of the Rio Pacuare to your next destination or same-day return to San Jose.

More time? If you've got the time, we've got the extensions and that means more water adventures await in Tortuguero National Park or onward to...

Border 2 Border is a sneak peek into our neighboring Bocas del Toro, Panamá or Nicaragua. We've taken care of the transport and border formalities so you don't need to. No Spanish, no problem. Our guides are bilingual for your safety and comfort and remain with you throughout the border transit from pickup to arrival at your new destination where you are then free to stay, explore or remain on guided tours.

BOCAS DEL TORO is our most popular addon because its so special and easy to get to add for a short stay yet so far off the tourist choo-choo you will immediately feel its difference; it's Tahiti-like over-water buildings and huts and multi-island indigenous cultures are like no other.

In Bocas del Toro you can have your own idyllic over-water casita with white sand, palm fringed beaches and turquoise crystal-clear water, coral reefs and tropical fish just beneath your toes. Bocas is much like Tahiti and Fiji, but close enough for a quick 3-day stay, never to be forgotten. With only 9 inhabited islands and over 300 islets waiting for your footsteps. Travel back in time; boats and handmade dugout canoes or "cayuca" are the daily mode of transportation. We've developed the routes so you don't need to worry about logistics; it's all fun and natural adventure every step of the way be it turtles, Jaguar Rescue Center or making your own chocolate.

Survivor Fans! Many seasons of CBS Survivor were filmed in our area.

Our Nicaragua Tourism on indefinite hold due to political unrest.

Survivor: Nicaragua™ 2010’s Episode boarding down an active volcano? We've been there done that? How about you?

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Survivor: Redemption Island

All filmed in Nicaragua just a few miles north of the Costa Rica border.

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Survivor: Panama Exile Island

Both filmed on the coastal islands just west the Panama mainland. If the Pearl Islands are on your bucket list, we’ll take you there and back in 4 days!

We’ve created these cross-border adventures for those who want their own Survivor experience without the social games.