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Effective August 1, 2019 consumer Experiences will be managed by the new consumer travel division of Vida Travel Group where we will continue to deliver the same great travel experiences under a new, more user friendly brand.


Yes, we'll design your custom online interactive brochure including your itinerary and only include the activity and destinations that interest you. Our planning tools encourage every traveler to participate in planning and decision making. We don't believe in one-size fits all.


We can't quote prices online, but it takes only minutes to find out what you'll save and what you'll gain in benefits.

Our RIU Resort guest bookings include:

  • Reservations that don't require payment in full to book/hold.
  • Liberal reschedule so you can find the best flights and coordinate with others.
  • Airport Transfers, a $30 pp value.
  • PRIVATE airport transfers from Liberia for 4 people or 2 or more rooms booked.
  • Free PRIVATE Activity Tours for 3 or more rooms booked.

Stack Your Bonuses!


We're your authorized RIU Agency ready to build your entire package around the amazing RIU Resorts, including any pre or post options.

Family Certified Specialists - to make the most of your RIU stay, there's a lot to be considered with multi-generational travelers, lets plan together for the best choices.

RIU Beach Weddings / Groups -We know how difficult it is to please everyone. That's why we use technology and group planning tools so everyone can be happy, including you!

We'll free You from the burden of the intricate logistics details required to plan your guest's bookings, group activities and their independent options; we'll make it all work together, including gnarly payments plans for all.

Across generations, all physicality, from mild to wild and beyond, we find the options that are right for your guests.

Exclusive Day Tours - always mindful of your enjoyment, safety, security, time and budget; we leave the crowds behind for less. Why subject yourself to hours on a tour bus with loud, often crude alcohol-induced revelers when you can have a private day that includes just the activities your group wants to do.

We made a commitment to Sustainable Tourism that includes printed material. When we started in the business (yes we had Internet back then), boxes and boxes of beautiful catalogs arrived; castles, beaches and cruise ships, brochures and magazines came to us... they just kept coming. We couldn't' stop them; there was no off switch. The only thing we could do was to stop doing business with these companies; why?

When we first published Costa Rica Guest Magazine it was a milestone for our company and small band of enthusiasts to tell the stories of amazing people and places in Costa Rica. We thought it had to be printed on paper to be legit (what the industry told us). We're legit, Wikipedia says so. But at $13 per issue delivered to your door what it said was "this is ridiculous." Somebody has to be paying for this and ultimately its you, the consumer.