Many international travelers are aware of the benefits of Duty Free or Tax Free Shopping at international airports, cruise ships, departure lounges, even en-flight prior to your return. While often compelling prices, we can easily overlook the now-troublesome carry-on requirements associated with liquids, especially alcohol and perfumes over a few ounces.

Check out the latest trend, Duty Free On Arrival. We provide a brief scenario and you tell us if it doesn’t make perfect sense.

Take a purchase made in the international concourse prior to your outbound flight; it will be delivered to your plane and allowed to be stored on-board for that segment of flight. Cool if you have a non-stop flight.  But if you make a change of planes where you need to go through customs or security, that same item is now required to be placed in your checked luggage. Oops! Think about it, that was a beautiful box containing (3) 1Litre bottles of rum you just purchased.

What may be a hassle can be overcome if you consider Duty Free On Arrival! Many countries, especially Central and Latin America allow you to buy duty-free after landing at your destination and prior to exiting baggage claim.

Buy your favorite spirits or gift when you land and enjoy on your stay, this way you can avoid the costly local duties and inconvenience of stuffing the overhead bin with carry-on items.

Give it a try. For a complete list of destinations and products, check out DutyFreeOnArrival.

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