If you’re planning a trip to Manuel Antonio and Quepos in the near future, it’s a good idea to make sure you have everything you will need for your upcoming trip. Below, we provide a list of essential items to pack for your adventure in Costa Rica.

Generally, it’s a good idea to keep it casual when packing clothing to travel to Costa Rica. The country itself is fairly casual, and unless you are planning to attend social events or business meetings that would require something nicer, plan to pack for comfort. Khaki slacks and a polo will do for men while a nice sundress and sandals will suffice for most women when out for fine dining. Remember to pack items that will dry quickly to accommodate the humidity.

Sturdy sneakers or hiking boots are recommended for any exploration activities while in Costa Rica, including walking or hiking. If you plan to participate in whitewater rafting or exploring the waterfalls, plan to bring waterproof shoes.

Waterproof Jacket or Raincoat
The rain season in Costa Rica takes place between May and November. If you plan to travel during that time, remember to bring a poncho or waterproof jacket.

Sun Care
Given the sunny weather in Costa Rica, it is essential that you bring sunscreen as well as lip balm. It’s also a good idea to bring along some aloe in case you happen to get a sunburn.

Insect Repellent
While Costa Rica is known for its spectacular natural beauty, it is also known for its insects, which is why it’s a good idea to bring along some repellant.

With so many wonderful outdoor adventures to enjoy in Costa Rica, it’s recommended that you also pack a wide-brim hat to protect your head and face from the sun.

Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is essential while you are exploring Costa Rica. You may find it to be a good idea to bring a steel water bottle that you can refill while exploring.

One swimsuit is simply not enough for Costa Rica. Bring one to wear and one you can dry to avoid the need to put on a cold swimsuit.

Dry Bags
It is also vital that you bring along some dry bags for protecting your electronics from humidity. Such bags are available in all sizes, ranging from pocket-sized pouches to larger bags.

Costa Rica boasts a tremendous amount of biodiversity, and you will want to make sure you bring binoculars so you do not miss any opportunities to view Costa Rica’s exquisite wildlife.

Finally, don’t forget to bring your boarding pass and passport while you prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

James Drews, Dominical