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*IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR DIY RENTALS & DISCLAIMER - Each of these wholesale brokers negotiate their rates and coverages within the primary auto rental market. It is your DIY responsibility to check all details carefully as no two search results will be the same; everything varies based on availability, their price and markup, inclusions and exclusions, Rental Terms & Conditions, deposits, insurance options or services included at no extra cost. Ultimately, your DIY selection will be based on your close inspection and comparison of all factors, including, but not limited to those mentioned above. Prices and policy are those of the rental agencies' and are not those of Vida Travel Group. If DIY appears to be too much effort in spite of significant savings, we advise you to search elsewhere for your rental car.

Things to remember when picking up your car;
• Your voucher
• A valid credit card in the main driver's name. Printed proof of credit card insurance with card number included if you elect to use credit card CDW insurance
• Your Driving Licence (Both parts if applicable) and your Passport

Please also check the Terms and Conditions of your reservation to make sure you do not need to take other forms of identification with you when picking up the vehicle.

At the rental agency counter you may decide to buy additional coverage – to reduce or remove your excess, or to cover things your Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) doesn’t, such as tires and windscreen.

Please Note: If you do purchase a rental car from one of these sites, that contract will be between you and the actual car rental agency identified on your voucher. Since Vida Travel Group will not be involved at all, we won't be able to help if you're dissatisfied with the cost of the car, their insurance policy – or the coverages it provides. Only you can choose the auto and travel insurance coverage necessary for your particular situation. The information provided herein is shall not be construed as a recommendation of any particular insurance coverage or provider.

While the information describes common practices in Costa Rica, other countries may have similar policies and practices. As always, contact the Rental Car Provider at your intended destination in advance for complete information.

Costa Rica Law requires the mandatory purchase of Third Party Liability insurance with every car rental. TPL or SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) is generally not quoted accurately online. While you may see online rental car listings including TPL, CDW or Full Coverage included, we urge you to be diligent and check with the provider in advance. Only the local car agency as named on your rental voucher can provide you these coverages; it is your responsibility to contact the agency IN ADVANCE to determine exactly what coverage is included and what will be extra.

If you intend to use your Credit Card's Primary Insurance benefit for a rental you must tell them when when discussing your coverage so they can provide your options in this case. Your rental agency will require proof of Credit Card Rental Car Insurance; please be prepared to provide written proof and authorization letter from your Credit Card Benefits department to the rental agency.

Do not wait until arrival to discuss insurance coverage. If you are unclear or uncomfortable after discussions with your local rental agency or the agency refuses to allow you to use your properly documented Credit Card PRIMARY insurance coverage; you might consider booking with a different provider. As always, use your best judgement for your own situation.

Be sure to add any free additional options/drivers when making your online reservation. If you fail to do so, you can be charged $5-10 per day at the agency for that same driver.

NOTE: this discussion assumes your Credit Card provides PRIMARY Insurance coverage for international car rental; not secondary. Using your Credit Card coverage may require that a large security deposit of up to $7,000 be placed on the same card. It is your responsibility to have sufficient credit available on your card to cover this hold when you pick up your car. Use your smart phone to photograph or video every ding and detail listed on your agreement while you complete the walk-around inspection.