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Let’s focus on your dreams and balance your travel time, energy & budget!

Together we build your tour and activity plan that meets your available time, physicality, interests and budget. We’ve been there and done that; we know what it takes to get there and back, what it might take out of you physically and what it might put into you emotionally.

Getting through a week of activity is no easy task; neither is planning it. Are you planning on sitting around waiting for things to happen because the details provided were not enough to let you know morning tour was 10:30, not 8:00, that’s not in our definition of “good time”. While it might seem like too much detail, our experts know the best times and seasons to take certain types of tours and when not to, when to arrive or really expect to return, whats included and what’s not.

For DIY fanatics, we’ve working hard to consolidate all of our best tour options for you.It’s a huge project. In the meantime, we’ll continue to build your itinerary by sharing our in-house photographs and descriptions from our vetted suppliers.

Renting a beach chair, surfboard or SUP on the beach may be fine; taking on greater challenges involving cables, boats, transportation and of course your expectation of a great experience requires licensed and insured professionals and guides.

Buying tours on the beach, street corners, bars, aka Beach Hustlers or gringos extending their stay is not our view of responsible sustainable local tourism; it can become a nuisance, but far worse, you could put your own safety, money and enjoyment in jeopardy.

It’s important to investigate your options in advance.

Certified SCUBA divers won’t pick up a tank and regulator on the beach and expect it to be safe; no, they only work with certified dive centers because they know better.

You wouldn’t leave your valuables on the beach unprotected, because you know better.

So why would you trust the beach as the go-to place to give strangers your travel money and trust them with your safety and the experience you expected to have. What’s your recourse? Only you can answer these last questions.

One collection can be found here with our partners Project Expedition.


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