Its never been more important to consider Travel Insurance.

In today's uncertain times you may find it comforting to know you can easily search for and buy travel trip insurance quickly and easily right here.

Many of today's most common health insurance programs, including Medicare, may not cover you while traveling. Its important to check your insurance coverage for benefits while traveling abroad.

The good news, Trip or Travel Insurance (often referred to as trip-interruption, cancellation, travel medical, evacuation insurance) can be amazingly affordable, especially if you are using your frequent flyer awards for your air travel. Coverage can be very broad or very narrow depending on your needs and budget. Our team always uses Travel Insurance for our own travel and recommend it to all clients.

Ultimately, the decision is yours as to how much to insure for but keep in mind that minimaly you may want to insure the non-refundable portion of your trip. In many cases your bookings with us may have lenient cancellation windows, please check prior to booking what the cancellation rules are. To aid in that decision process, we've partnered with the largest clearinghouse for Travel Insurance to give you one source to make it easy.

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Please search below to find the most comprehensive options available for insurance comparisons.

Travel Smarter, Travel Insured!

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